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Reputed art supply stores carry all types of art supplies

 From a brush to an easel or from body paints to oil to canvases, any reputed art supply store or online shop can provide an artist or art student all the materials and tools he needs to practice art or create a masterpiece.
The art of face and body painting
Face and body painting is a form of art. Safe and non-toxic face & body paint is used to create art on a person’s face or body by using it as a canvas.  Painting that is confined to the face is usually called face painting; while large-scale painting on the body is referred to as body painting. However, paintings that are small and have more detailed work are sometimes called temporary tattoos.   This type of art is temporary and can only last for a few hours. It can be removed by using water, soap, alcohol or a mild solvent.
Face & body paint is available in standard, fluorescent and metallic colours. Some brands also have a range of shimmering glitter colours. They are generally packed in various sized jars, squeeze bottles or tubes and can be purchased from art materials and supplies outlets and online shops. By purchasing quality face and body painting supplies you can avoid the risk of allergic reactions.
Types of easels available for children
Easels for children are typically designed to be smaller and shorter than those used by adults. They invariably have two sides or more allowing the young artist to work on any side instead of just one. Each side of the kid’s easel could have different surfaces, for example a chalk board or green board on one side and paper roll for drawing or painting on the other. They are also usually equipped with trays or storage compartments to hold the art supplies of the child. Various types of easels are available for children like table top easels, adjustable easels, double sided easels and more.
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