Chroma Jo Sonja's Polyurethane Water Based Matte/Satin/Gloss Varnish

Polyurethane provides the toughest finish available. The three types of finishes available are Matte, Satin and Gloss. All varnishes have excellent brushing qualities and may be used inside or out to provide maximum, long term protection. These varnishes dry clear and are non-yellowing. They have excellent corrosion, chemical, scratch and wear resistance.

Directions: Matte, Satin and Gloss

  • Gently shake before use to ensure complete suspension of ingredients.
  • Apply varnish using a large, soft bristled varnish brush with a gentle criss cross motion. Apply thin coats, covering a small section at a time. Smooth out the strokes by brushing in the same direction as the wood grain. (Several thin coats are better than one thick coat.)
  • Allow at least 1 hour between coats, as there will be less "drag" on the brush. Do not exceed 4 coats per day.


A slight milky appearance may occur when applying Jo Sonja's Satin Varnish. This is normal and is more obvious on dark backgrounds. The milkiness should disappear as the varnish dries and cures. Sand lightly if 24 hours lapse between coats to ensure good adhesion. Apply at least 4 coats for maximum protection.

As with most water based finishes, you can handle painted objects when they are dry to the touch, but maximum durability is not achieved until varnish reaches its cure time (at least 2 weeks under normal conditions).

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  • Matte Varnish 250ml

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  • Matte Varnish 1Liter

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  • Gloss Varnish 250ml

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  • Gloss Varnish 1Liter

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  • Satin Varnish 250ml

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  • Satin Varnish 1Liter

    weight: 1.3 kg 1008 JS72550


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