Derwent Artist Pencils Box - Set of 72

Unleash your inner Picasso or Monet with these great prices! 

Traditional round barrel for broad strokes and expressionist art

Wavy texture ideal for multiple layering and blending!

Starting out in 1832 as the Cumberland Pencil Company in the United Kingdom, Derwent have created a fine tradition of crafting the best quality writing and drawing instruments. Proud of its fine heritage, Derwent have also been the innovators of artist colours, pastels, pencils, charcoal and graphite blocks. Their range boasts exciting and vivid colours, so youll be sure to find something here to ignite your inner artist! 


  • Also available in Tin Box of 72  and Tin Box of 36.
  • Dry colour pencil
  • Wide 4mm core
  • Round 8mm barrel
  • Soft wide colour core for drawing and colouring.
  • Bright external lacquering.
  • Traditional round barrel allows easy movement for loose expressive drawing.
  • Barrel made from California incense cedar wood.
  • Extra wide 4.0mm core provides excellent point strength and useful for shading large areas.
  • Premium quality core, extremely long lasting and will not crumble.
  • Soft textured core, capable of both very intense and delicate shading.
  • Light fastness ensures the colours remain true, with no fixing required on finished work.

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  • Wooden Box Set of 72

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