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Derivan Challenge - 2L

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Derivan Challenge

A general all-purpose water-based paint at a very economical price.

"Derivan Challenge meets all government and regulatory requirements for toxicity levels. An excellent vehicle to introduce young children to the world of art and painting: safe to use, and easy to clean up after use."

Derivan Challenge 2LPure colours are easily intermixable to achieve bright secondary colours. Challenge has all the versatility of an acrylic paint at a very economical price. It is highly suitable for general use in art education where a low-priced, trouble-free paint is desired.
Also available from Derivan is a pump, which makes dispensing from the 2 litre bottle a breeze. Derivan Challenge can be made waterproof by the addition of Derivan Polymer Gloss Varnish (water-based). Derivan Challenge will not crack or peel and may be intermixed to produce bright secondary and tertiary colours.

Derivan Challenge has been formulated as a safe, non-toxic paint to be used by children for painting, block and potato prints, mono prints, silk screen printing and as a general art education paint. Derivan Challenge can be painted on most porous surfaces including card, cardboard, paper and canvas.

All the colours may be intermixed to form bright secondary and tertiary colours.
Wash all utensils, brushes and hands with soap and water to clean up.

Derivan Challenge is formulated to be easily removed from clothing. However, old clothing should be worn as some fabrics may stain. Derivan Challenge is formulated using pigments rather than dyes as dyes tend to stain much more readily.

Derivan Challenge should be kept in a cool dark place with the lid securely fastened. To avoid contamination, do not place dirty brushes in the bottle. Simply pour paint into a separate container as required. Stored in the correct conditions and without introduced contamination, Derivan Challenge should keep for several years.

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  • Derivan Challenge White - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1008 1C2LW


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off
  • Derivan Challenge Yellow - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1004 1C2LY


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off
  • Derivan Challenge Orange - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1004 1C2LO


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off
  • Derivan Challenge Red - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1004 1C2LR


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off
  • Derivan Challenge Purple - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1004 1C2LP


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off
  • Derivan Challenge Ultra Blue - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1003 1C2LUBL


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off
  • Derivan Challenge Blue - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1004 1C2LBL


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off
  • Derivan Challenge Green - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1004 1C2LG


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off
  • Derivan Challenge Brown - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1004 1C2LBR


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off
  • Derivan Challenge Black - 2L

    weight: 2.22 kg 1006 1C2LBK


    $23.29 $31.06 25% off

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