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Copper Etching Plates 0.9mm Thick

Copper Etching Plates are the finest quality, with a high silver content printing metal. It is polished plastic laminated for a scratch-free surface. It is suitable for etching with ferric chloride or nitric acid.

Copper Etching Plates are smoother than steel plates and harder than zinc plates, it is ideal for fine detailed work and shaded areas. Copper etching gives a more regular line than the softer zinc plates and is better suited for dry point work.

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  • 10X15cm

    weight: 0.25 kg 1000 E003.38


    $12.34 $16.45 25% off
  • 20X30cm

    weight: 0.5 kg 1001 E003.35


    $33.71 $44.95 25% off

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