Mont Marte Goat Hair Beech Hake Brush

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Mont Marte Watercolour Goat Hair Brush Premium is a great tool to have by your side. 
You can use this hake brush for watercolour washes, silk painting, sizing, glazing and ceramic work. 

This brush have a soft goat hair bristles that hold liquid well, while applying smooth, even strokes that won't lift previous layers of colour. It also offers a sturdy lightweight wooden handle to keep you comfortable while painting. 

  • 46mm goat-hair hake brush with sturdy, lightweight beechwood handle
  • Ideal for watercolour washes, silk painting, sizing, glazing, ceramic painting
  • Soft goat hair bristles for smooth, even strokes
  • Porous bristles are great at holding liquids
  • Use for wetting the surface, brush away loose eraser or pencil filaments 


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