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Black Flakes Hex

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Use these gleaming hexagonal black flakes as either a striking decorative effect or a distinctive texture on paintings and indoor sculptures. Precision cut from coated polyester film, Black Flake Hex is best used as a final finish to preserve its sparkle and can also be sprinkled onto a freshly painted surface. To maintain the shiny surface of the black flakes, mix with either MM4 Gel Medium or MM7 Gloss Varnish and Gloss Medium, as these mediums have a gloss finish. 

  • Matisse Dry Medium Black Flakes Hex 250ml

    weight: 0.2 kg
      10000 MDM25BF
  • Matisse Dry Medium Black Flakes Hex 40ml

    weight: 0.06 kg
      10000 1MD04BKF

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