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Geraldton Crushed Garnet

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This deep red transparent gemstone has an attractive glowing rich red colour. Glaze or varnish to achieve even deeper colour. Crushed garnet is an especially hard stone. It is suitable for texture for paintings or collage. For the best results mix up to equal parts crushed garnet with either MM4 Gel Medium, or MM7 Gloss Varnish and Gloss Medium. As both these mediums have a gloss finish they will maintain the beauty and clarity of the gem. 

  • Matisse Dry Medium Geraldton Crushed Garnet 250ML

    weight: 0.68 kg
      10000 1MD2CRG
  • Matisse Dry Medium Geraldton Crushed Garnet 40 ML

    weight: 0.13 kg
      10000 1MD04CRG

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