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Lang Lang Gravel 7mm

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These five grades of cleaned sand contain no impurities to affect artwork. Use in paintings, mixed media and collage, or the finest grade on collograph plates. Before applying, mix with MM2 Impasto Medium, MM4 Gel Medium, MM6 Polymer Matt Varnish (water-based), MM7 Gloss Varnish and Gloss Medium, MM28 Polymer Satin Varnish (water-based) or MM30 Matt Gel Medium. Do not make the mix too dry, though for best results add it relatively generously. Large quantities on large canvases not recommended 

  • Lang Lang Gravel (7mm) 250ml

    weight: 0.46 kg
      10000 MDM25LG7
  • Lang Lang Gravel (7mm) 50ml

    weight: 0.1 kg
      10000 MDM50LG7

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