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Pottery air drying clay

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Dug straight from the ground in South Australia, this 100% natural terracotta coloured, non-toxic clay has high degree of plasticity, ideal for throwing as well as hand building.

It is an excellent modelling material for pottery artists, students and kids alike.

The shrinkage when dried is 10%.   Ideal firing temperature 1050C-1100C.  Fires 1000C pink (underfield or bisque), 1090C deep red, 1150C starting to go brown

Can also be left air dried. 

Please don’t leave the unfinished product outside plastic bag, seal the bag and store in a cool/shady place.



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  • Pottery air drying clay 5kg block

    weight: 5.0 kg 10000 1CLYTE05


  • Pottery air drying clay 10kg block

    weight: 10.0 kg 10000 1CLYTE10


  • Potter air drying clay 20kg block

    weight: 20.0 kg 10000 1CLYTE20



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