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School kids Paint 250ml

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School kids Paint 250ml

Prime Art School Paint is ideal for arts and crafts, posters and school projects  They are easy to apply with brushes, sponges, stamps, stencils and other tools, and they can be used on almost any surface.  Prime Art School paints are water soluble and easy to clean up.  They thin easily and dry to a non-permanent finish, work best on poster board, cardboard and similar materials.  Make your posters, banners and signs with these smooth, easy flowing water based paints.

Nine brillaint colours to choose from

Prime Art School paints is most suitable for small children who like to experiment with everything.  It is a billiant, opaque ready-mix paint.  Available in a colourful range of nine colours that can be easily intermixed with one another to create a complete palette of shades and tones that will serve well as an inexpensive paint to practice with.  It is non toxic, contains no chemical thickeners, very safe to use.

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  • School kids paint 250ml - White

    weight: 0.26 kg 10000 AEP250-104


  • School kids paint 250ml - yellow

    weight: 0.26 kg 10000 AEP250-215


  • School kids paint 250ml - Orange

    weight: 0.26 kg 10000 AEP250-301


  • School kids paint 250ml - Red

    weight: 0.26 kg 10000 AEP250-324


  • School kids paint 250ml - Pink

    weight: 0.26 kg 10000 AEP250-325


  • School kids paint 250ml - Purple

    weight: 0.26 kg 10000 AEP250-402


  • School kids paint 250ml - Blue

    weight: 0.26 kg 10000 AEP250-443


  • School kids paint 250ml - Green

    weight: 0.26 kg 10000 AEP250-505


  • School kids paint 250ml - Black

    weight: 0.26 kg 10000 AEP250-793



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