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Derivan Face & Body Paint Markers are water based and completely non-toxic. Each pen has dual tips. One is a chisel tip, which is flat, and its good for covering larger areas. The other is a bullet tip, perfect for outlining that butterfly or adding those cat whiskers! They also dry quickly, which is handy if you are working with small and restless subjects.
Face & Body Paint Markers are particularly useful because they allow a greater level of control you do not need to have the same steady hand required when using a brush. Our markers work very much like a traditional markers, but they are much less likely to irritate sensitive skin and are easily removed with soap and water, making them perfect for use with children. 

Derivan Face & Body Wipes will remove Derivan face painting products with ease. Their hypo allergenic formula will kindly remove that body design from skin created with Face & Body Paint Markers or any of the colours in the Face & Body Paint range.

Fragrance free, alcohol free and with Aloe extract to soothe, each towelette is gentle in removing dirt and paint residue without rinsing. Each pack contains 30 Face & Body Paint Wipes.



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  • Derivan Face Paint Marker Wipes PK/30

    weight: 0.025 kg 10000 9FPPWP


    $4.50 $7.71 42% off
  • Derivan Face Paint Marker - Black

    weight: 0.025 kg 10000 1FPMBK


    $6.00 $8.46 29% off
  • Derivan Face Paint Marker - Blue

    weight: 0.025 kg 10000 1FPMBL


    $6.00 $8.46 29% off
  • Derivan Face Paint Marker - Green

    weight: 0.025 kg 10000 1FPMG


    $6.00 $8.46 29% off
  • Derivan Face Paint Marker - Red

    weight: 0.025 kg 10000 1FPMR


    $6.00 $8.46 29% off
  • Derivan Face Paint Marker - Pink

    weight: 0.025 kg 10000 1FPMPI


    $6.00 $8.46 29% off
  • Derivan Face Paint Marker - Yellow

    weight: 0.025 kg 10000 1FPMY


    $6.00 $8.46 29% off
  • Derivan Face Paint Marker - White

    weight: 0.025 kg 8 1FPMW


    $6.00 $8.46 29% off

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