Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Where are you located?
We are at Warehouse 11/12 Cecil Road in the industry part of Hornsby, very close to Hornsby Shopping Centre.

Q2. Do you have a shop?
Yes, our shop is in the upstairs section of our warehouse. We are an online retailer, operate from a warehouse.

Q3. Can I come to buy from your warehouse?
Yes, you are welcome.  Our business hours are 9.00am-5.00pm weekdays, 11.00am - 2.00pm Saturday.  They is plenty of parking at the door.

Q4. Can you ship a carton of 48x78”(122x198cm) Luca premium canvas to WA?
Yes, we can, but the freight cost on large size canvas is very high. Freight on stretched canvas is calculated on cubic weight , i.e. carton size, rather than mass weight. ( Courier companies always charge the greater of the cubic weight and mass weight.), If you are willing to pay the delivery cost and insurance, then we are happy to send large size canvas to WA , SA or anywhere in Australia.

Q5. Can you ship one piece of 36x48” (90x120cm), 18mm standard canvas to Melbourne?
I am afraid we can’t. We can’t send a single piece of large size canvas via Courier outside Sydney Metro area,  It is very hard to pack and according to experience, it is almost certain the piece would be damaged during transit.  Customers in Sydney are welcome to order large sizes online then pick up from our warehouse.

Q6. Can you send me samples of your 10oz, 12oz primed canvas rolls? Maybe, unprimed roll as well?
Yes, we can. Please advise us your name and address, we’ll drop the samples in the post.

Q7. Can I set up a credit account with you?
No. I am afraid we are an online store and retailer, we don’t supply goods on credit unless you are a government run organisation, such as a school.

Q8. Is your price wholesale Price?
Some of our products are at wholesale Prices, such as easels and special on sale stretched canvas, others are very close to wholesale prices, this is partially true with bulk carton canvases. We don’t have middle men, we pass all the savings directly to our customer. 

Q9. How quick can you ship? I need this easel/gift box urgently for my wife’s/son’s/friend’s birthday.
We can dispatch goods within 24 hours after the order is placed. i.e. if ordered before close business day, we ship first thing next day.  Unless goods is happen to be out of stock. If your order is urgent, please  let us know by either calling /emailing us.

Q10. I can’t stay at home all day waiting for the delivery, can the freight company let me know what time the goods will be delivered, or can the driver ring me on approach?
Most courier companies don’t give narrow delivery windows, or do "call on approach". Customers are notified via email if goods will be delivered on the day. So please check your email, or keep tracking your items online.  When it says “On board with the driver for delivery today”, then it will be delivered on that day.  Alternatively, you can give “authorities to leave – ATL” at the checkout if you believe it is safe to do so.  By doing it you give the driver permission to leave the goods in a safe spot around your house as per your instruction i.e front porch, back door, side door, under carport etc.  It saves you trouble of having to wait around, or arranging for second delivery or picking up from Newsagency or courier depots.