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What Our Customers Say

  • I love derivan's new concertina books! They are made in
    beautiful watercolour paper and are the perfact length
    -just what i have been lokking for!

    Wendy Sharpe

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  • Luca Pro linen is the best quality artist linen, it is closely structured,
    almost even weave with smooth texture which
    is perfect for contemporary portrait painting.

    Adam Zhang

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  • Derivan watercolours are a true artist quality product with high pigment loading and
    a beautiful range of transparent and semi-transparent colours suitable for
    capturing the vibrancy of the Australian landscape.

    Linda Macaulay

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Matisse Structure Acrylics - Finest Artist Acrylics

We don’t add an extra gloss. We leave them fairly matte because to try and matte a glossy paint down, means that you’ll dull the intensity of the colour. We don’t put any masking agents in our paints. We don’t put in perfumes to make them smell nice, mainly so kids don’t get hold of them and think they are something nice to eat.

Nowadays, everyone has environmental and social responsibility programs and plays but at Durham, we actually live them. We donate 10% of our net profit each year to charities and schools, so the recycling really starts with reusing, which is the most energy efficient way of recycling. With our customers returning certain packaging to us that we can then reuse and we run a program where they run a prize and get a bike so they can ride to work. 


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