DAS is non-toxic, gluten-free, air-hardening, paper-based clay. Because of the fibers in the clay, forms created with it are sturdy and less likely than other clays to break once dry.  There is also minimal shrinking, which means fewer cracks.  

At first, it is not too malleable, but with a little water and manipulation, the clay becomes more pliable. You can add small amounts of water to extend the working time.  It's better to achieve fine details once the clay has dried by using a knife, carving tools, sandpaper, or even a drill

Paint and varnish are recommended to seal and strengthen your creation.

Drying time: it is recommended to allow 24 hours per centimeter to dry in shade.


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    • Stone Block 1Kg

      weight: 1.0 kg 1112 F348200


      $13.13 $20.20 35% off
    • White Block 500g

      weight: 0.5 kg 1091 F387000


      $7.57 $11.65 35% off
    • White Block 1Kg

      weight: 1.0 kg 1069 F387500


      $13.13 $20.20 35% off
    • Terracotta Block 500g

      weight: 0.5 kg 1114 F387100


      $7.57 $11.65 35% off
    • Terracotta Block 1Kg

      weight: 1.0 kg 1092 F387600


      $13.13 $20.20 35% off
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