Ideal for pottery wheel throwing as well as hand building.

Dug from the ground in Australia, and then filtered from special pressure filter.  

This 100% natural light coloured, non-toxic, air-dry clay has high degree of plasticity & smoothness.

It is an excellent modelling material for pottery artists, students and kids alike.

Max firing temperature 1150°C, best result at fire 1250°C. can also be left air-dried. 

Please don’t leave the unfinished product outside the plastic bag, seal the bag and store it in a cool/shady place.

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  • 5Kg Block

    weight: 5.0 kg 0 FLCLY05


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  • 10Kg Block

    weight: 10.0 kg 0 FLCLY10


    $43.77 $62.53 30% off
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  • 15Kg Block

    weight: 20.0 kg 0 FLCLY20


    $67.91 $97.02 30% off
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  • 3 of 15Kg Block

    weight: 60.0 kg 0 FLCLY20-3


    $189.19 $291.06 35% off
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