Gloria Petyarre - Aboriginal Art

  • $2,700.00
weight: 4.0 kg
Title: Bush Medicine Leaves (Acrylic On Canvas)
Canvas Sizes: 95cm x 95cm
Stretched with Kiln-Dry Stretchers
Ready to Hang
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity


Gloria was born C1945 at Atnangkere Soakage in Utopia Northern Territory and was the founding member of the Women’s Batik Group in Utopia.
In 1990 she travelled to Ireland, London & India as a representative of the Utopia Women Exhibition. Gloria specializes in Painting both Bush
Medicine Leaves and Mountain Devil Lizard dreaming. Certain leaves are collected from bush plants and boiled where the resin from the
leaves is extracted and animal fat is also added to produce a medicinal compound.
This can be applied to the wound or skin irritation as a healing agent.
Gloria sadly passed away 8th June 2021 in Alice Springs


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