Jo Sonja's colors are flow formula acrylics. The colors are highly opaque, with excellent covering power and a beautiful velvet matte finish.

Jo Sonja's colors are popular for decorating practically every surface from paper and canvas to wood, terra cotta, metal, fabric, ceramics, glass, and some plastics. They conform to ASTM Quality Standard D-4302.

  • Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours are used by leading artists around the world and are the only true professional quality paints available specifically for decorative art.
  • No special instruction is necessary to use Jo Sonja's colours, they are not difficult to use. Artists' quality materials are always easier to use than students' and craft quality.
  • Jo Sonja's Artists Colours are two to three times stronger than bottled craft colours, as well as being lightfast and permanent.

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  • Titanium White S1 (01)

    1003 JS14690


    $58.77 $90.42 35% off
  • Warm White S1 (02)

    1006 JS15170


    $58.77 $90.42 35% off
  • Rich Gold S2 (03)

    1002 JS17080


    $101.16 $155.63 35% off

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