Derivan Calligraphy Nib Sets Black

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The Derivan Calligraphy set has five fantastic nibs, ranging in shape from a fine pointed nib to a traditional flat chisel edge nib. This set suitably allows for the broadest range of mark making, from traditional calligraphy to a pure drawing implement. Pair these with your favorite Derivan Acrylic Inks or Matisse Acrylic inks.

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  • Pen handle and five nibs
  • The five nibs range from very fine to broad, No.5 being the thinnest to the No.1 being the thickest.
  • Designed for pen and ink artists, letterers or calligraphers.
  • Suitable for traditional gothic and Italic lettering styles, where the angle controls the thickness of the stroke.
  • Great for fast, expressive drawings.
  • Ideal for beginners, hobbyist and professionals.
  • Perfect for using with both the Derivan or Matisse acrylic Inks colours range.

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