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Derivan Pouring Medium is ideal for creating dynamic abstract paintings; whether it is using the medium as the popular “dirty pour” technique or a clean pour to allow for considered shapes of colour, Derivan Pouring Medium is the essential in assisting the flow of acrylic paint. For Tips & Tricks or further techniques using this medium click on links below.




Derivan Pouring Medium is your perfect marbling paint to create beautiful

peal-able decal style designs that can be attached to non-porous surfaces such as windows, glassware, candles, tiles, jewellery, mirrors or mixed media works. Pouring Medium is water based and non-toxic.
Pouring Medium is remarkably easy to apply: the plastic nozzle allows you to draw easily even lines or pour uniform flat washes or a combination of both to create amazing marbled designs. Mix Derivan Pouring Medium with highly pigmented acrylics paints or inks. After 24 hours, your creations can be peeled off.  They can be removed and repositioned as often as wished on numerous objects with smooth and non-porous surfaces.

Application / Use

There are many application methods for this product, providing the artists with a myriad of possibilities.
It can be tinted with the addition of Derivan Ink or Derivan Acrylic Paint. Using ink will maintain transparency and a glossy finish, while the use of acrylic paint will make the final result more opaque and less glossy. Only a small amount (less than 10%) of either paint or ink is required.  If you are using Derivan Pouring medium for acrylic pouring techniques, you can adjust the viscosity by adding up to 20% water to it.
As this product is white in the container, the addition of colour will initially produce a pastel blend, but this will develop into a bright, transparent colour after the drying process is completed. This drying time must be taken into account when applying multiple layers of colour if the artist wants to see how the colour will develop between layers.
If Derivan Pouring Medium has been applied and bubbles have developed (while the coating is still wet), a pin can be used to release the air from larger bubbles. This is not always practical for multiple, smaller ones. These may be able to be removed with a spray application of isopropyl alcohol, which is readily available in pharmacies. After decanting into a small spray bottle lightly spray the isopropyl alcohol onto the wet surface. It will immediately break the surface tension and release the bubbles. Be aware that the medium itself will also spread slightly.

In Mixed Media

Derivan Pouring Medium can also be used to create transparent polymer/acrylic layers that can be peeled away and added to mix media artworks when applied to a non stick surface such as PP(Polypropylene) or PE(Polyethylene plastic sheets.


After colour has been added to the medium and left to stand, it can be poured onto plastic ring binder sleeves and left to dry. Once dry and peeled, the soft, plastic-like formations can also be easily cut with scissors to any desired shape. Unfortunately, acetate sheets or glass surfaces are not recommended for this process as the medium will adhere to the surface, therefore standard plastic ring binder sheets are ideal.

Small objects such as beads and thread can also be embedded into the surface. Simply add the objects to the wet medium and allow drying.

In Varnishing

Derivan Pouring Medium is archival and can be used over any acrylic painted surface (as long as it is thoroughly dry) to create a high gloss, resin-like coat of varnish. It can be applied by pouring but this technique is recommended only for the application on rigid substrates. It is important to remember that since Derivan Pouring Medium is a water based medium, it is not suitable for use over oil painted surfaces. The use of a brush is recommended when varnishing flexible surfaces to avoid“pulling” due to surface tension of the product.

Create a masking tape border around the edges of the board to keep the medium from dripping down the sides, and leave the tape in place until the medium is dry. Then, simply pour on and gently roll the board to allow the medium to flow and coat the entire surface. Let this coat of medium dry and remove the tape. Any ridges that formed along the edge against the tape wall can be trimmed with a scalpel or hobby knife. Larger areas that cannot be rolled may need to have the medium gently brushed over the surface.
A soft-bristle brush is recommended and a light touch is required as over brushing and manipulating the medium excessively for long periods as it is curing, can affect the smoothness of the finish. In terms of application, one coat of Derivan Pouring medium the same finish as approximately two to three layers of a standard acrylic gloss varnish.

This medium has been formulated so you can adjust the viscosity. You can add up to 20% water to thin this product.


Drying Time

The thickness of application of this product will determine the length of drying time. For a thin coat, a standard estimation is 48hrs,

but prevailing atmospheric conditions upon application may influence drying time (humidity, heat, cold, etc.).
WARNING do not force dry or use in temperatures above 30℃ as premature skinning may occur trapping water in the coating resulting in an opaque or cloudy finish.


Derivan Pouring medium has a HI-Gloss finish and may become more so with thicker or multiple applications.


Clean brushes, palette knives, jugs and hands with warm, soapy water.

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