Derivan Screen Printing Stencil Set

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The Derivan Silkscreen Liquid Stencil Set is a water-based and non-toxic screen printing system that can be used in the home, classroom or art studio. This set includes the Derivan Drawing Fluid, Derivan Screen Block Out, and Derivan Screen Cleaner.

To create a design using this set, begin with a clean silkscreen and apply the Derivan Drawing Fluid evenly with a brush. Allow it to dry for a few hours until it feels tacky to the touch. Then, apply a layer of Derivan Screen Block Out across the entire screen with a squeegee and leave it to dry for 48 hours. After this time, rinse the screen with cold water to remove the Drawing Fluid, and allow it to dry completely before using it for printing on paper, wood or fabric. The Block Out will last for multiple prints before it needs to be cleaned.

To remove the Derivan Screen Block Out, use soap and water with a soft brush or sponge. For dried-on Block Out, use the Derivan Screen Cleaner provided in the set. Apply it generously with a wet sponge and let it sit for five minutes, allowing it to absorb and break down the Block Out. After this time, use a toothbrush to gently remove the Block Out from both sides of the screen. If the Block Out has been dried on for more than five days, it may require multiple applications of the cleaner. Rinse the screen with cold water and let it dry completely.

When using the Derivan Screen Cleaner, it is important to wear protective clothing, eyewear and gloves.

Key features

  • Water Based
  • Non Toxic
  • Ideal for detail
  • Easy Application

Suitable for use for:

  • Screen printing t-shirt
  • Hand drawn designs
  • Printing on fabric
  • Printing on paper

Set Includes:

  • 250ml Screen Block Out
  • 135ml Drawing Fluid
  • 250ml Screen Cleaner

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