Faber-Castell Pitt Natural Charcoal Pencil

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Natural charcoal sticks are the oldest sketching and drawing material in the world. Natural charcoal is grease and oil-free and produces a bluish-black line and greyish-blue shading. It glides softly across paper and rubs, smudges and erases easily. Natural charcoal is buildable and can be layered for a darker colour payoff to create tonal drawings. Due to its blueish hue, natural charcoal has always held a fascination among old and new artists. When natural charcoal is packaged in pencil form, it can create a much blacker line than sticks as more pressure can be applied. 

Available individually in soft, medium and hard pencils.

Sharpen with a knife or sharpener.

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  • Medium

    1017 18-117400


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  • Soft

    1014 18-117403


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  • Hard

    1009 18-117411


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