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For more than a decade, our linen manufacturer has been crafting the finest linen canvas from the best selections of pure linen threads worldwide, especially Europeans.   Combining traditional European methods and the newest machinery with the latest technology, our linen manufacturer has been producing a variety of conservation grade linen with nearly flawless surface & fewer knots.

Art linen has been commonly accepted as a high priced printing surface, but we only sell the best art lines which we import directly at warehouse prices.

Luca Pro Linen

--Woven from French flax, strong close & even weave linen with a texture between fine to medium.
App. 320gsm/ unprimed,   480gsm/acrylic primed.
Suitable for most types of contemporary art painting including portrait, landscape and Aboriginal art etc.

Artworks  Art  Linen

--Woven from Belgian flax, nearly flawless surface and variety weave structures.
No 10 fine texture linen, app 200gsm / unprimed,  340gsm/ acrylic primed.
No 12 medium texture linen, app 260gsm /unprimed ,  450gsm / acrylic primed.
No 15 coarse texture thick linen, app 390gsm/ unprimed,  580gsm /acrylic primed

Universal acrylic primed No 10, No12, No15 linen, 84" (2.10m) wide

FL500 linen - Luca Pro

No 10 fine texture linen

No.12 fine-medium

No.12 clear primed

No 10 fine texture linen

No.12 fine-medium

No.15 medium-coarse

No.12 fine-medium black

Up to three layers of high-graded universal acrylic primer on top of clear foundation sealer primer to achieve great durability, elasticity surface, and still, keep the unique linen texture surface for art expressions. A clear foundation sealer prevents gesso or paints from going through the surface support.

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Siwel Sidnem
Belgian primed Linen

Very happy with the surface for my art work and this was the most competitive price

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