Lyra Aqua Brush Duo Set of 6

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Talk about a dynamic duo! Lyra Aqua Brush Duo markers feature a flexible brush tip on one end, and an extra fine bullet tip on the other. Filled with water-based ink, these markers produce bright colors that can be brushed with water to achieve watercolor effects. This set features six vibrant hues you can blend and layer!

Primary Tones colours: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow

Pastel Tones colours: Light Yellow, Flesh Tint Light, Light Violet, Glacier Blue, Smalt Blue, Aquamarine

Skin Tones colours: Light Orange, Naples Yellow, Flesh Tint Medium, Flesh Tint Light, Mars Red, Van Dyke Brown

Grey Tones colours: Neutral Grey Light, Warm Grey Light, Cold Grey Light, Cold Grey Silver, Warm Grey Silver, Cold Grey Medium

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