Marie's Masters Artists' Oil Colours are paints for a broad range of artists with best quality & pure pigment. They conform to USA ASTM D 4236 and European EN71-3 standards which ensures health and safety.

These aluminum tubed colours adopt the most permanent pigments, the best refined vegetable oil, mixed and finely grounded into smooth paste. They can keep up and give full play of the strokes of painters. The white colours are particularly prepared to resist yellowish. Paintings drawn with these colours can be preserved well in a long time and the surface shall never crack.

Genuine brand of Marie's Master Oil Paints directly imported from Marie's factory not copied ones with poor quality.

Discover the richness, brilliancy, purity and intense power.

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  • Cadmium Yellow(213)

    weight: 0.15 kg 19 OCM060_213


    $6.01 $9.24 35% off
  • Fresh Tint(219)

    weight: 0.15 kg 46 OCM060_219


    $6.01 $9.24 35% off
  • Orange(301)

    weight: 0.15 kg 37 OCM060_301


    $6.01 $9.24 35% off
  • Manganese Blue(450)

    weight: 0.15 kg 43 OCM060_450


    $6.01 $9.24 35% off
  • Phthalo Turquoise Light (550)

    weight: 0.15 kg 18 OCM060_550


    $6.01 $9.24 35% off
  • Cobalt Green(567)

    weight: 0.15 kg 45 OCM060_567


    $6.01 $9.24 35% off

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