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Matisse Flow - 4L

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Matisse Flow Formula is an incredibly premium paint line having all the superior qualities of Structure Formula and at the same time it is a low viscosity fluid that glides through the brush. Matisse Flow paint is perfect for fork art and highly detailed work and owing to its thinner viscosity fluid it allows smooth, free flowing and meticulous brushwork.


Matisse Flow Formula is an ideal choice for canvas painting, fork art, theatre backdrops, illustration, murals, hard edge work, geometrics, watercolour techniques, photo realism, poster colour effect, air-brushing and lots more. As a matter of fact this radiant and highly pigmented paint available in a number of exclusive shades can be applied in any art work that requires extremely smooth and even colouring.
Matisse Flow Formula can be teamed with all Matisse mediums, i.e. use MM5 Matt Medium for matt velvet effects; add MM2 Impasto Medium to butter up the paint; an addition of MM8 Spreader Medium will increase its water-sensitivity for watercolour; MM1 Drying Retarder Medium does the same but also slows down drying and film formation, Matisse Flow mixed with MM5 Matt Medium is ideal for flat areas of colour and for work to be photographed.

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  • Matisse Flow Series 1 Titanium White - 4L

    weight: 4.6 kg 10000 1MF4W


    $165.00 $190.55
  • Matisse Flow Series 1 Antique White - 4L

    weight: 4.6 kg 10000 1MF4AW


    $181.06 $190.55
  • Matisse Flow Series 1 Mars Black - 4L

    weight: 4.6 kg 10000 1MF4MBK


    $181.06 $190.55

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