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When we speak of abstract art, plenty of resources are it can mean many different things. It can be art made by painting a canvas in such a way that is appealing to the viewer, it can be a work made up of shapes and colors, or it can be an image that conveys a message in a new way. Abstract art generally makes use of visual language in much the same way as traditional art. However, the medium used enables the artist to communicate their ideas freshly and uniquely. Abstract art thus requires an understanding of the three different disciplines commonly referred to as Modern Art, Expressionism, and Impressionism. The third of these three disciplines, Expressionism, actually replaced Modern Art due to the rejection of the status of Abstract Art by the mainstream art establishment.


abstract art

Abstract Art - 

Abstract art is a significant style of abstract painting which emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in reaction to the challenges of modernism. It shares similarities to geometric abstraction, but it more closely relates to non-representational art. Abstract artists generally begin with a canvas or sheet of paper without any media on it. The artist then places line, shape, and color on the canvas, often in quick strokes.

Why is it popular?

Abstract art is popular because people like the idea of interpretation and enjoy the element of surprise. Abstract art has no definite meaning or message so that people can make up their interpretation. Also, you can't tell if the artist was trying to convey a certain feeling, so it surprises you because you didn't expect that from the painting.

History of Abstract Art:

Abstract art is the kind of art that has no recognizable subject or can't be identified. This type of artwork became popular around 1910 with Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich. However, it was not until after WWII when artists like Jackson Pollock began to use abstract painting to express their feelings on society at the time.

Abstract paintings are often seen as more complex than other types of art because there is no straightforward subject matter for viewers to see and understand right away. However, many would argue that this makes them more attractive because they require active participation from the viewer to decipher what they are seeing before them. It also gives these pieces some mystery that people enjoy investigating up close with all their senses.

This type of art is often considered a non-objective painting because it does not depict any fundamental subject matter in the material world; however, abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko claim they are expressing something particular.

As far as colors go, there isn't necessarily an exact palette that comes with this style either since different artists have their preferences for what to use when creating abstract pieces of artwork. However, most will agree that many colorful marks end up being involved somehow, if not centrally, within the work itself, which gives them another layer of interest from viewers who get close enough to see these details up close. Although some might argue otherwise, most would say abstract paintings allow people to express themselves more freely because they are not restricted by what is already out there in the world.

It should be noted that this style of art can also compliment other genres, including landscape pieces or those that depict still life's since it allows them to stand on their own even more without having to compete with anything else visually for viewers' attention.


What are some of the different forms of abstract art?

When we hear the term abstract, what comes to mind is an image or a mental image that does not have any shape, so it is not visual art. But most paintings by Picasso, Warhol, and others are considered abstract because it takes time to develop the image, so the creation is done unconsciously. 

figurative abstract  art

Figurative Art

Another common form of abstract art is figurative art, when an artist makes an image based on objects but does not represent anything. For example, the Mona Lisa is an excellent example of this. She is an example of a symbolic piece of art, but what are some other examples? One very famous piece of abstract art is called Cubism, and artist Andy Warhol created it.




Then there is Fauvism, which is an expressionist form of art. Expressionists usually paint pictures that are heavily focused on color instead of detail. They are popular with artists such as Pablo Picasso. Fauvism can take many forms, but it generally has something to do with light. The colors are bright and sometimes bold but never show detail.


Pop Art

Pop Art

Pop Art is another popular form of abstract art. The Pop Art movement was started in 1950, and it focuses on using bright, vivid colors to create a cheerful mood. Real places inspire many images, but some are taken from magazines and advertisements. You can even create your Pop Art image using the software available to you right now. If you are interested in creating a piece of abstract art, you should look into Adobe because they have a program that will allow you to create your images quickly and easily.


Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Abstract paintings are also famous as wall art. Many artists focus specifically on this form of artwork. You should look for a light pastel color scheme, especially if the piece you are looking at is a background. This will add depth to the amount and make it stand out. Look for works by Edvard Munch and Georges Braque.




Printmaking is also popular as a form of abstract artwork, and it allows you to create something unique in any room of your house. There are hundreds of different abstract canvas prints that you can choose from, and it can be fun to pick out a variety each week or month. However, you may want to create a unique look each time you make a print.




The sculpture is another way that you can create your unique work of art. This type of art is trendy among people who enjoy collecting different items. They like to collect pieces from all different genres and create sculptures from them. It would be best if you looked for works by Edvard Munch and Georges Braque. Look for a texture that you enjoy, as well as color choices.

As you can see, there are many different ways to enjoy abstract artwork. First, you should explore the various forms of abstract art that are available to you are. You may enjoy these other forms of art and look forward to enjoying them for a long time. They can make a beautiful addition to any room of your house and bring a new life to your decor.

When working with abstract art, the type of art canvas or painting surface you choose can make a significant difference in the outcome of your artwork. Whether you prefer stretched canvas, or canvas boards, the right surface can enhance the beauty and texture of your work when combined with the versatility of acrylic paint.

Abstract art

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