how to make a resin sculpture

Looking for a step-by-step on how to make resin sculptures? Are you a first-time sculptor or just trying out this craft? Here you will find a straightforward guide that you can follow. The process of making a concrete resin sculpture is not as complicated as some people make it look. All you need to know are the basic techniques to make decorative items such as statues, vases, bowls, and pots.

Resin Art -

Resin art is a type of art that is crafted with resin. It can be applied to other materials, but it's typically used on its own. It's not just any kind of resin. Resins are chemicals or organic materials that are thickened, so they have the consistency of bread dough.

The different kinds of resin art are:

  1. Resin jewelry - jewelry made from a transparent resin

  2. Resin painting - painting was done with acrylic paint and a transparent resin

  3. Resin encapsulation - a three-dimensional object or image encapsulated in a protective layer of a clear matrix to protect the original object/painting, make it waterproof, and make it easier to display.

  4. Resin sculpture - three-dimensional objects or paintings made from clear resin

material needed in resin sculpture

1st Step: Prepare The Needed Material

First of all, you have to prepare the material you will use for the item you are about to create. This may include sand, cement, and paint. Get a good collection of these materials ready before you start. You also have to check whether the cement you use is appropriate for the type of material you will use. There are different types of cement, and you have to choose one that fits the material properly.

2nd Step: Decide What To Create

Then you have to decide what design you want to create from the sand, cement, and paint. There is no hard and fast rule in doing so. You have to experiment with your mind. Once you have selected the design, you have to determine where you want to put the model in the piece. This is an essential step in how to make resin sculptures.

3rd Step: Put Marking

Next, you need to mark the location on the model where you will drill the holes. You do this by using a pencil. Keeping the right place is very important. It will let you know where you will need to take the model out after finishing it. It also allows you to fill the hole you have made.


sculpture making

4th Step: Mix Cement and Sand

The next step in how to make resin sculptures is mixing cement and sand. For this, you will need to have at hand a container of glue, a tube with the correct size for your tube brush, and sand. You have to experiment with the sizes until you get the right consistency. Start by adding only a tiny amount to see if it is too dry before increasing it.

5th Step: Leave The Sand For A While

After you have mixed the ingredients, you have to let them stand for some time. This will allow you to prepare all the materials that you will need to finish the sculpture. Next, you will have to find a proper setting for the statue. The easiest way is to leave it outdoors to air out for about a week.

6th Step: Spray Paint Your Model

Now that everything is ready, you will have to go back to your tube brush and spray paint the model in smooth motions. Again, make sure to work in smooth succession and ensure that all the paint remains on the model. Once the entire area has been sprayed, you can move on to the next step by filling in the gaps. Start by filling in the most significant gaps with medium and then add more layers of medium. Continue this process until you reach the desired thickness, and then you can rinse and allow it to dry.


resin sculpture

7th Step: Allow The Model Dry

The last step is to allow the model to dry. You will need to bring it inside to avoid over-drying or possibly damaging the material. Check it periodically for signs of drying out. Once it is all dried, you will be able to put your new creation on display and be proud of your new and unique craftsmanship!


If you are a beginner and want to start learning how to make resin sculptures, plenty of resources are available. There are starter kits available at your local craft store, or you could also purchase a book and follow the step-by-step instructions. Even without a piece of equipment or text, you can create exciting results by using stencils and other decorative tools. Before you know it, you will be creating unique masterpieces on the go, and you will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Resin art

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