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There are many different types of art styles. In this article, we will explore what you should know about the various art categories, beginning with visual arts.

Visual art is a category that covers many types of artwork. Traditionally, visual art was created to tell a story or capture the attention of the viewer. However, in today's society, it simply serves as a way for people to express their creativity. Artists use several mediums to create their pieces, including paint and clay.

The Categories of Art

The following are just some of the categories of art that are widely recognized today.




Painting is one of the oldest forms of visual art because it has been around since ancient times. People can paint using oil paints, watercolours, acrylics and even markers. While there are many types of paintings, including abstract paintings, landscape paintings and portrait paintings, one of the most popular styles includes still life paintings.

The appearance of the painting, in the end, depends on how it was created. A significant difference between oil and acrylic paint is that oil takes longer to dry, but once it does, it will not fade or crack over time. In addition, acrylic paints are more versatile than oils because they can be used on any surface, including canvas, wood panels, or walls.




Sculptures can be made of several different materials, including clay, metal, and stone. Some sculptures are complex, while others appear simple with little detail.

Another difference that sets popular types of sculpture apart is the material. For example, clay sculpture can be made of either moist clay or dry clay. In addition, a wet clay mould is usually easier to break because it has been handled so much throughout the sculpting process.




Literature is a category that includes all forms of writing and poetry. Readers can find books, journals and even handwriting within this medium. Some of the most popular types of literature include novels, short stories and poetry.

Writing is one of the oldest forms of art because it captures a story in a way that has never been seen before. In addition to words, authors may also use images or hand-drawn sketches in their written pieces.




Works of architecture are considered visual arts, but they are so widely known that they are typically put into their category. They usually include houses, museums and other buildings that are designed to suit a particular purpose.

Some of the common styles of architecture include neoclassical, Victorian and contemporary. In addition, many architects create their unique style that is unlike any other type of architectural design.




Cinema is a category that includes movies and TV shows. It also consists of the script for each of these examples of visual mediums.

There are many different types of movies and TV shows, but the horror genre is one of the most well-known. Many people like to be scared or shocked by movies depicting zombies, vampires or other scary creatures. However, whether these films are meant to scare audiences or not, they typically have a positive impact by encouraging viewers to engage in self-reflection and introspection.



Music is also considered a visual art form. It includes the notes, melodies and lyrics that songwriters write. There are several types of music, including classical, country and rock.

Some of the most popular forms of music also include jazz and pop music. There is a vast array of genres to choose from when finding your favourite type of music. Regardless, many people enjoy having their soundtrack to listen to while working or relaxing throughout the day.




The theatre is a medium in which shows and plays are performed. This can take place in front of a live audience or broadcast on TV or online.

There are many different types of theatre, including opera, drama and comedy. One of the most popular forms is musical theatre because it allows actors to sing while portraying a character in a story. Audiences can enjoy watching their favourite songs come to life on stage, even if they have never seen the movie before. However, there are many ways to interact with music, even if there is no theatre present.

Categories of art

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