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This is a guide that can help remove stubborn stains left by different types of paint like acrylic paint and wallpaper. Stains in clothes are almost inevitable; we are constantly wearing clothes even when we are indoors. It is difficult to remove paint stains from our clothes even when freshly washed because the paint stays on the fabric longer. It becomes impossible to remove paint stains on newly laundered clothes if you do not know how to get paint out of clothes.

One of the best tips on removing stains on clothes is to try and remove them before they dry completely. The stain would be tough to remove if it is entirely dried as it will no longer feel as stubborn. Therefore, it is a good idea to remove the stain altogether after washing the clothes. If this is not possible, you can try one of the following methods on how to get paint out of clothes:


peeling of paint stains


Peeling off the paint with a cotton cloth is a very effective method to get paint out of clothes. All you have to do is apply a generous amount of vegetable oil to a cotton cloth and then rub gently. Let the fabric stay on the stained area for around fifteen minutes, then rinse off the fat. This is an effective method because the paint gets removed from the fabric and because the fabric is left clean and bleached in its place. You may also use lemon juice and white vinegar to remove stubborn stains from clothes.


soaking clothes with paint stains


For heavily soiled clothes, you can try soaking them in warm water and using a laundry detergent to remove the stain. You may also try using vinegar and water to remove stains on clothes. Once you are done soaking, place the soiled garments into an iron that has been preheated. You can then iron the dresses at low temperatures. This will help to remove the stain without damaging your clothes.



If the stained area cannot be dried using the methods mentioned above, you may want to try using a commercial stain remover. There are different brands of stain removers available in the market today. The most effective way to test the effectiveness of a stain remover is to apply it to a small section of the stained area. Then, if it discolors or changes color after just a few hours, you can assume that it is the right product for you. Just remember to read the label and follow the directions on how to use the product appropriately.


Blow Drying: 

If you find that any previous methods can no longer help the soiled clothes, you may still want to resort to the blow-drying technique. First, dampen a soft cloth with warm water and spray it over the area you wish to remove the paint. Then let the fabric dry for a few minutes before you try to scrub the stained area. The drying method is most likely the most effective way of removing paint from clothes, but it is not advisable to use it on very porous items, like plastic, because the paint might seep through.



Acid-Based Solution:

 If your efforts to remove the paint from the garment prove futile, you may opt to use an acid-based solution. Follow the instructions provided with the acidic stain removers. Make sure that you have diluted the answer before you start scrubbing the stained area. Wipe the acid-stained area with a paper towel or a soft cloth to remove the excess solution. Follow the direction of the stain to ensure that you obliterate the liquid stain. Ensure that you rinse the stained area to remove the residue left behind by the acid when you are done.


You may also want to try using a detergent along with water to remove stains and oil. However, make sure that the mild detergent or soap you use does not have any abrasive elements to damage your clothing. Next, apply the detergent or soap solution to the clothes and then scrub the stain out. Again, rinse the clothes thoroughly to remove the residue.

How to get paint out of clothes

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