Chromacryl is high quality and versatile student grade acrylic. The paint is thick and painty with strong colour and excellent covering power. As with a real artist's acrylic, students can create amazing textures, overpaint and glaze. The colour range contains warm and cool primaries which allow for superior colour mixing results. Mix with Chromacryl mediums for textile painting, collage, watercolour, mono, block and screen printing techniques and much more. 

5 X 75ml Warm Colour Set

Black, White, Warm Yellow, Warm Red, Warm Blue

5 X 75ml Cool Colour Set

Black, White, Cool Yellow, Cool Red, Cool Blue

10 X 75ml Colour Set

Black, White, Warm Yellow, Warm Red, Warm Blue, Cool Yellow, Cool Red, Cool Blue, Red Oxide, Yellow Oxide

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  • 5 x 75ml Tube Warm Colour Set

    1009 CC98015


    $16.64 $25.61 35% off
  • 5 x 75ml Tube Cool Colour Set

    1016 CC80750


    $16.64 $25.61 35% off
  • 10 x 75ml Tube Colour Set

    1008 CC80300


    $32.49 $50.00 35% off

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