Thank you for being a valued customer! Here’s how you can redeem your rewards:

  1. Log in to Your Account: Sign in to your account on our website.

  2. Navigate to Rewards: Click on the rewards panel/tab.

  3. View Available Rewards: Click on "Ways to redeem" to see all available rewards.

  4. Redeem Your Reward:

    • For Fixed Amount Rewards: If you have enough points, click "Redeem" to instantly claim your reward.
    • For Incremental Rewards: Use the points slider to select the amount you wish to redeem, then click "Redeem."
  5. Receive Your Coupon Code: After redeeming, you’ll receive a unique coupon code.

  6. Apply Your Code: At checkout, click "Apply code" and enter the coupon code to use your reward.

  7. Keep Your Coupon Code: You’ll also receive an email with the coupon code for your records.

  8. Use Your Reward: Your redeemed reward will remain in your account until used or until it expires.

Note: Points used for redemption are not automatically returned if a reward is not used after redemption.