Great value artist quality acrylic paint for senior art students. A>2 Art Student Acrylic Paint is versatile, has a very high pigment load and a heavy bodied consistency providing rich impasto effects through to luminous paint washes and glazes.

Students can fully develop their painting skills and artistic creativity with a paint that handles just like a professional artists’ acrylic.

Combine with Atelier Artists’ Mediums for added versatility.

  • A New Class of Acrylic Paints: Lightfast One Price Acrylic Artists Colours
  • Atelier A2 is the best acrylic paint in this category.
  • Art students simply do not make progress if they use student grade paints.
  • One price, lightfast artists quality paints are needed, which are less expensive than professional grade paints, so they can be used generously, but they must have the right consistency and enough pigment to allow proper progress to be made.
  • Being lightfast means that they can be used alongside professional grades when transitioning to Atelier Interactive and professional artists can use A2 “to bulk out” large paintings.

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  • 12 x 20ml Tube Set

    1010 A280040


    $20.97 $32.26 35% off
  • 4 x 120ml Tube Set

    1005 A280300


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  • 8 x 120ml Tube Set

    1009 A280600


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