Chroma Atelier Acrylic Medium - Heavy Gel Gloss

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A thick, water-based, acrylic gel designed to exaggerate structure and sharpen textural edges of the paint in acrylic painting.  Heavy Gel Gloss also increases the gloss level of the paint and can also be used as an adhesive to bond other materials to the painting. Heavy Gel Matte behaves like Heavy Gel Gloss, but dries to a satin-matte finish.

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  • 250ml

    weight: 0.4 kg 1004 AT70720


    $12.17 $18.73 35% off
  • 500ml

    weight: 0.75 kg 1008 AT70750


    $16.85 $25.92 35% off
  • 4Liter

    weight: 5.2 kg 1002 AT70780


    $102.81 $158.18 35% off

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