Jo Sonja's Kleister Medium 250ml

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'Kleister' is an 'old country' term for faux finish techniques. A semi-transparent paste which, when added to paint, gives extra body for textural patterns, such as faux wood graining, marbling, tortoiseshell, etc. Kleister may also be used as a painting medium.

  • Use for all traditional Kleister or faux woodgraining techniques. A simple technique using a woodgraining tool to simulate natural wood is to mix a "grain" colour into Kleister Medium approximately 1:3. You may wish to add Jo Sonja's Retarder to further extend the working time.
  • Use for stroke work where transparency and texture is desired. A small amount of Jo Sonja's Texture Paste may be mixed into the Kleister Medium (1:1) to increase the textural properties.
  • Use as a general painting medium to facilitate long stroke work techniques, stripes of different colours, etc.

Preparing a smoked background for painting techniques

  • Paint background desired colour plus All Purpose Sealer (1:1)
  • Let dry, then lightly sand. Remove all sanding dust.
  • Give object a barrier coat of Jo Sonja's Clear Glaze Medium.
  • Brush on one thick coat of Kleister Medium. Hold over open candle flame. Using the edge of a metal palette knife or spoon, touch the flame to produce sooty smoke. Work quickly as the heat will dry out the Kleister Medium. The Kleister Medium will hold the soot residue in place. Allow to dry completely.
  • Carefully apply a barrier coat of Jo Sonja's Clear Glaze Medium to protect.

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