Jo Sonja's Stroke & Blend Medium 250ml

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Jo Sonja's Stroke & Blend Medium is a medium formulated for ease in stroke blending and floated colour techniques. This medium will slow the drying time of paint to allow blending of paint wet-in-wet or wet-over-dry. It is heavier bodied than Jo Sonja's Retarder and Antiquing Medium and strokes will not bleed out.

To use for floating, dress Stroke & Blending Medium into your brush instead of water. It will ease blending and allow a longer open time. A drop on your palette paper will remain moist all day! Add Stroke & Blending Medium to paint at any time if paint feels too 'tight' to make it spread more easily. Excellent for strokework. Jo Sonja's Flow Medium can be added to decrease the viscosity of paint.

For wet-over-dry blending use Stroke and Blending Medium to soften dry brush edges, blending fresh paint with the dry layer beneath.

For a softer oil-like look to your stencilling, dress the stencil brush in a small amount of Stroke and Blending Medium before picking up your colour and applying through stencil.

For a brush or rub-on stain, mix the stain colour of your choice with Stroke and Blending Medium until the desired amount of colour is achieved. Apply to wood with a soft lint-free cloth or sponge.

Surfaces painted using Stroke & Blending Medium must be completely dry (at least 24 hrs) before proceeding to varnish. Allow longer if weather is cool, damp or if a large amount of Medium has been used. A hair dryer will speed the process.

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