Derivan Screen Printing Stencil System

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The Derivan Screen Printing Stencil System is a three part system consisting of Screen Drawing fluid (135ml), Screen Block Out Medium (250ml) and a Screen Cleaner. The water-based fluid is non-toxic and is easy to apply and create details for screen printing, making hand-drawn prints a breeze. This straightforward process is ideal for all ages. Perfect for use in the art studio, classroom or on a dining table.


Apply the Derivan Drawing Fluid with a brush onto the silkscreen to create a hand-painted design. Once the image that you have created with the Derivan Drawing Fluid has dried thoroughly. Apply the Block Out Medium with a squeegee to the whole silk screen with one pass. Wait for the Block Out Medium to dry (between 1-2 hours) then rinse the screen to remove the drawing fluid leaving your image in the negative on the screen. Let the screen dry thoroughly before printing. Once you finish your print run you can remove the block out with soap and warm water leaving the screen clean and ready for your next design.

Key features

  • Water Based
  • Non Toxic
  • Ideal for detail
  • Easy Application

Suitable for use for:

  • Screen printing t-shirt
  • Hand drawn designs
  • Printing on fabric
  • Printing on paper


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  • Screen Drawing Fluid 135ml

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  • Screen Block Out Medium 250ml

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  • Screen Cleaner

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