Set of 5 Contains 5 X 75ml Tubes: White, Yellow(Warm), Red(Cool), Phthalo Blue(Cool), Black.

Set of 10 Contains 10 X 75ml Tubes: White, Lemon Yellow(Cool), Yellow(Warm), Raw Sienna, Scarlet(Warm Red), Red(Cool), Magenta, Ultra Blue, Phthalo Blue(Cool), Black.

For general art education. Great for teaching colour mixing, producing strong pure secondary and tertiary colours. Smooth buttery consistency. Can be used for screen printing, block printing and painting from impasto to water-colour effects.

Derivan Student has been manufactured since 1964. As part of Derivan Pty Ltd's commitment to producing only the best products. Derivan Student acrylic is now made using a pure acrylic binder. This gives you the advantage of a quality acrylic paint at a student price.

Acrylic Painting
Use straight from the tubes. Water is suitable for dilution or clean-up. Both gloss and water resistance are greatly improved by additions of Derivan Polymer Varnish to the paint.

Poster Colour Effects
These are best obtained by mixing the paint with plenty of Derivan White, at the same time adjusting the sheen of the paint with Matisse MM5 Matt Medium. Alternatively the finished painting is treated with a coating of one of the Matisse Matt Varnishes available.

Watercolour Work
Just add water to the paint but mix it slowly to avoid foaming. Apply with a soft brush. Additions of Derivan Spreader Medium will improve brush control for delicate flat water colour glazes. Derivan Drying Retarder is often beneficial as it maintains water sensitivity for washes and at the same time improves flow as well as penetration into the paper.

Oil Painting Effects
Extend the paint with Derivan Impasto medium for structure and with water-based Derivan Polymer Varnish for increased gloss or desired flow-out. Apply with a knife or bristle brush.

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