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Derwent Artists Pencil 72 Wooden Box

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Derwent Artist Pencils Box - Set of 72

Unleash your inner Picasso or Monet with these great prices! 

Traditional round barrel for broad strokes and expressionist art

Wavy texture ideal for multiple layering and blending!

Starting out in 1832 as the Cumberland Pencil Company in the United Kingdom, Derwent have created a fine tradition of crafting the best quality writing and drawing instruments. Proud of its fine heritage, Derwent have also been the innovators of artist colours, pastels, pencils, charcoal and graphite blocks. Their range boasts exciting and vivid colours, so youll be sure to find something here to ignite your inner artist! 


  • Derwent Artist Pencils
  • Set of 72 (double layer includes 36 pencils each)
  • Encased in a stunning wooden box!
  • Includes a great range of rainbow spectrum colours!  
  • Perfect for art students & budding artists alike!
  • Box dimensions (approx. cm): 37 (W) x 23 (L)
  • Made in United Kingdom


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