Faber-Castell Convenient Art and Graphic Watercolour Paint Water Brush 6ml

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This Faber-Castell Art and Graphic Water Brush acts as both a paintbrush and a water source, ideal for use with watercolour pencils or water-soluble paints. To start painting, fill the barrel with water and gently squeeze to get the water flowing to the brush's tip. The cap is specially designed for scratching and scraping techniques, making this a multi-purpose artistic tool.
  • The brush is shaped like a pen or pencil, making it easy to use.
  • Use this brush with watercolour pencils or soli watercolour paints.
  • Before use, fill the 6 mL barrel with water and squeeze the barrel to stimulate the flow of water to the tip.
  • The lid is designed to be used as a scratching and scraping tool.
  • You can use this brush for dry-brushing techniques, wet-on-wet, or glazing.
  • The brush is medium-sized.

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