Matisse Acrylic Medium MM38 Acrylic Thickener (Rheology Modifier)

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It is a rheology modifier, that is, it changes the flow and viscosity of the paint, it will thicken the paint without losing any colour. Some colours may show a reduction in sheen in the dried film which can be adjusted with a varnish once dry. 

Application / Use:

Just add a few drops to the paint and stir in - it will need to be stirred in very well - use within 24 hours of mixing in - in case too much medium has been used and the paint thicken beyond a usable consistency. As a general rule 2-3 % should be enough to thicken the paint - any more than 5-7% (depending on the original viscosity) will not continue to thicken the paint but possibly start to thin it down again. 


Each consistent of paint will require a different amount to be added to reach the same consistency and even within the same range and consistency - different colours may require differing amounts of medium. Compatible with all Matisse acyclic colours. 

Drying Time

The thickness of application of this product will determine the length of drying time. For a thin coat, a standard estimation is 48hrs, but prevailing atmospheric conditions upon application may influence drying time (humidity, heat, cold, etc.). WARNING do not force dry or use in temperatures above 30℃ as premature skinning may occur trapping water in the coating resulting in an opaque or cloudy finish.

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