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Matisse Structure - 4L

Matisse Structure Formula

Professional artist impasto acrylic paints. Available in 96 vibrant colours.

Matisse Structure Formula is Australia's finest quality acrylic paints that use only the best ingredients and pigments. Matisse Structure colours are heavy-body, water-resistant, high-viscosity paint line perfectly suited for texture and impasto applications. Available in wonderful range of 96 colours that includes metallics and several unique Australian colours.
Matisse Structure Formula has outstanding light fastness or permanent ratings of ASTM 1 or 2. These archival quality colours are powerful enough to last for a long time.

When used undiluted by a knife or a brush Matisse Structure paints provide an intense impasto finish. For watercolour effects these colours need to be thinned by adding some water. This applies even for colour washes.

When Matisse Structure colours are mixed with Matisse Mediums the paint's features gets transformed. The radiant and versatile Matisse Structure Formula is made even more flexible by the Matisse painting mediums. Apply MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish or MM5 Matt Medium for adjusting the gloss of the painting surface. Apply MM2 Impasto Medium for creating structure and MM4 Gel Medium for gleaming high gloss glazes, and list goes on, please visit our medium section for more information.

Acrylics & Oils
Acrylics may be applied under oil paints and on top of them. Acrylics are better not mixed with any oil paints. If you desire oil like finish with your acrylics, you could go for Matisse MM31 Open Medium.


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  • Matisse Structure Series 1 Titanium White - 4L

    weight: 4.6 kg 10000 1M4W


    $173.79 $244.78 29% off
  • Matisse Structure Series 1 Antique White - 4L

    weight: 6.0 kg 10000 1M4AW


    $173.79 $244.78 29% off
  • Matisse Structure Series 1 Australian Ghost Gum - 4L

    weight: 4.6 kg 10000 1M4AGG


    $173.79 $244.78 29% off
  • Matisse Structure Series 1 Mars Black - 4L

    weight: 4.6 kg 10000 1M4MBK


    $173.79 $244.78 29% off

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