Matisse Structure - 500ml

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Matisse Structure Formula is Australia's finest quality acrylic paints that use only the best ingredients and pigments. Matisse Structure colours are heavy-body, water-resistant, high-viscosity paint line perfectly suited for texture and impasto applications. Available in 96 colours including metallics and several unique Australian colours.
Matisse Structure Formula has outstanding light fastness or permanent ratings of ASTM 1 or 2. These archival quality colours are powerful enough to last for a long time.

When used undiluted by a knife or a brush Matisse Structure paints provide an intense impasto finish. To achieve a watercolour effect, add some water to thin the colour. This applies even for colour washes.

When Matisse Structure colours are mixed with Matisse Mediums the paint's features are transformed. The radiant and versatile Matisse Structure Formula is made even more flexible by the Matisse painting mediums. Apply MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish or MM5 Matt Medium to adjust the gloss of the painting surface. Apply MM2 Impasto Medium to create structure and MM4 Gel Medium for gleaming high gloss glazes, etc. Please visit our medium section for more information.

Acrylics & Oils
Acrylics may be applied under oil paints and on top of them. However, it is not recommended to mix acrylics with any oil paints. If you are aiming for an oil like finish with your acrylics, you can consider using Matisse MM31 Open Medium.

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Good products.

David Cooper
Quantity Test for Artists

I use more of certain colors than others which determines the amount required over half a year.

One important result of 30 years with using Matisse paint by Derivan is the the paint tints have not changed. Older colours are the same recipe and pigment density today. There are more colours for defining specific need or to retain brilliance but there is no need to store paint for its rarity.

All types/brands of acrylic paint have a shelf life. If you buy too much and store it in the wrong way it will deteriorate, get clumpy, dry out or grow mould and become inconsistent, seperated or very smelly to use because you have stale product which needs replacing.

Some rules are to buy the amounts you require for 6 months maximum.

Keep an eye on older paint (1 years +) and alway store it low on a shelf or in a cool dry location.

Moist air or poorly sealed containers can grow mould bloom on the paint surface which contaminates paint colour. (Replace)

If you buy 1 to 20+ litre bucket content, it can be useful to transfer amount for a month to a smaller sealable container than reopening the larger paint tub too much. (Includes storing/use of Gesso, Impasto and Gel tubs).

Paint tubes can last for 10 years. When using small sizes the opening can become contaminated or messy with dried paint. Some Matisse tubes have clip-open/close seal replacing the screw on type altogether. This is a good innovation to reduce spoil for frequent use of tube paint.

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