Micador For Artists Fixative Spray

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Product Details:

  • Excellent clear, permanent protection for pencil, pastel, chalk, charcoal, watercolour, tempera and ceramics.
  • Dries in seconds to mat finish- can be worked over with any medium.
  • Will not alter technique or affect the surface of fine paper or boards.
  • Allows safe application of one medium over another.



CLASS: Protective Sealer

USAGE: Clear permanent protection for pastel, charcoal, chalk, paper drawing and ceramic stains. Dries in seconds to a matt finish that can be worked over. Will not alter technique or affect surface of the finest art papers and boards. Does not curl or buckle thin papers. Ensures a cleaner drawing and makes it possible to safely apply one medium over another.

Please Note: Our sprays do not protect against UV.

APPLICATION: Make sure the surface is clean. Hold can 20-25cm from the surface and spray in a side to side motion overspraying at each side, then turn work around and cross spray. Spray is best applied when can is held at a 45 degree angle to surface.

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Customer Reviews

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Hester Jacobs
Art made easy

This product makes it easier to draw with smudging mediums, as one can spray the drawing and then add some darker tones without having one's hands/fingers full of smudges
or without smudging the sketch already laid down on the sketching medium. It does everything like the description/video says. I only used it on my graphite and charcoal sketches as well as on my finished watercolour paintings, but I guess it will work well with all the other mediums in the listing. It is very easy and convenient to apply. Art made easy for sure!


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