Micador For Artists Picture Varnish Satin

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Product Details:

  • High quality clear varnish with a satin finish.
  • Ideal choice when the dullness of mat and the glare of gloss is not required.
  • Water-like clarity that will not yellow with age.
  • May be removed with gentle solvent making restoration easy.


CLASS: Final Varnish

USAGE: Permanent satin protection for acrylic and oil paintings. Retains flexibility. A satin finish is the ideal choice when the dullness of matt or glare of gloss are not required. Use only on paintings which are completely dry (for oil paintings, this could be as much as 6-9 months). Will not yellow or become brittle with age. Varnish can be removed with turpentine to rework paintings.

Please Note: Our sprays do not protect against UV.

APPLICATION: Make sure surface is clean and oil paint is dry before applying. Hold can 20-25 cm from surface and spray in a side to side motion overspraying at each side, then turn work around and cross spray. Spray is best applied when can is held at a 45 degree angle to object.

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