Mont Marte Metallic Soft Pastel 10 pc

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Create shimmering artworks and stunning effects using our Metallic Soft Pastels 10pc. This set comes with 10 shimmering metallic pastels that offer a vibrant colour that will turn heads. You can use these pastels across a range of creative projects, thanks to their soft, powdery texture that applies and blends seamlessly. Our art pastels can also be used with a variety of surfaces including, textured paper, coloured paper and card. So, whether you're looking to create a drawing, sketch or mixed media masterpiece these soft pastels will help your next artwork shine.


  • Includes 10 metallic shades: Gold, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Rose Gold, Pink Rouge, Electric Fuchsia, Fir Green, Chrome Silver, Gunmetal Grey 
  • Soft, powdery texture for seamless colour blending
  • Fill in large areas using the pastel side or create fine lines using the pastel edges
  • Suitable for use with pastel pencils and charcoal
  • Ideal for use on card, textured paper and coloured paper
  • Non-toxic

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