Prismacolor Premier Colourless Pencil 2PK

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A stand out star of the Prismacolor pencil range.

Prismacolor colorless blender pencils are ideal for artists looking to enhance their coloured pencil artwork. They blend in the same way colour pencils do, as they contain the same wax and binder, but no pigment is added. The result is a multi-faceted tool that allows artists to accomplish several effects, like merging neighbouring colours, softening edges, and creating unique colour blends.

Technique is important, and we’ve shared a few tips on how to make blending work for you: 

Ombre Effect - Create a shading effect by overlapping your colours using the pencil blender over the entire coloured section. Drawing in circular or oval patterns keeps hard lines from forming when you first apply colour, allowing blending to be more successful.


Burnishing - Although it’s tempting to apply heavy pressure in order to drive layers of pigment together, it leaves your drawing with a waxy build-up. Using light pressure instead allows you more control over the amount of wax the blender leaves behind. 

The sharper the better - Keeping your blender tip sharpened will naturally make you use less pressure in order to avoid breaking the tip. If you must use heavy pressure, use a worn pencil that allows you to burnish with greater force. Always take caution not to tear the paper. 

Colour first, then blend - It’s best to lay down all your colour first and then blend. The more times you try to blend and then colour, the more stubborn each additional application of pigment will be because every time you blend, you force more colour into the tooth. 


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