Sennelier Extra Soft Half Size Pastel Set - Portrait Set of 40

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The Sennelier Extra Soft Pastels collection has a rich history dating back to the turn of the last century when it was first crafted by the talented Gustave Sennelier. Over the years, it has evolved into the most extensive palette of pastel shades in the world. The secret behind their exceptional quality lies in the delicate balance between high-quality pigments and natural binders. What sets Sennelier soft pastels apart is their meticulous handcrafting process, free from compression, and their gentle air drying to prevent brittleness. It's no wonder they are renowned as some of the finest soft pastels for artists.

In this set of 40 half sticks, you'll discover an array of colors perfectly suited for creating stunning portrait artwork. These colors include:

White 525
Naples Yellow 99
Golden Ochre 127
Chinese Vermillion 791
Carmine 52
Vermillion 83
Helios Red 686
Indigo 139
Cerulean Blue 257
Intense Blue 468
Intense Blue 464
Cassel Earth 412
Resada Grey 212
Van Dyke Violet 406
Mummy 104
Yellow Ochre 115
Olive Grey 453
Reddish Brown Grey 428
Purplish Blue Grey 479
Blue Grey 423
Nickel Yellow 904
Bright Yellow 342
Persian Red 780
Vermillion Brown 79
Persian Red 782
Helios Red 685
Van Dyke Violet 409
Ultramarine Deep 392
Prussian Blue 288
Intense Blue 463
Purplish Blue Grey 478
Black Green 179
Bistre 61
Red Brown 6
Flesh Ocre 16
Golden Ochre 131
Mouse Grey 402
Van Dyke Brown 439
Purplish Bluish Grey 481
Blue Grey Green 504

With this exquisite range of pastels, you have the tools you need to bring your artistic visions to life and capture the beauty of the natural world.

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