5 Helpful Tips to Organise Your Art Supplies

Most art materials are often grouped, and you should consider grouping them by type. Many of us are tempted to use a Pinterest-like system for art storage, but that isn't necessarily the best idea. Instead of worrying about how to organize your materials to make them look nice, you should make sure that you can easily find what you need. To do this, you can use containers, bins, and baskets. You can also reuse containers you already have, such as shoe boxes.

Once you have all your art supplies organized, the next step is to decide how to store them. The most common method of storing art materials is to place them in bins or containers. Having specific bins or containers for different materials can be helpful, but they can also be cumbersome. Using cubbies can help you organize your supplies and keep a consistent look. For example, you can use a box for your brushes and your pens.


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Tips When Organizing Your Items

There are many ways to store and organize your art materials, but most people choose a bin or container. These are great for storing loose art materials and are portable so that your kids can access them easily. If you have more expensive supplies, consider investing in a storage box to store them in.

Tip #1: Eliminate the Non-Essentials

Getting organized isn't easy, but if you do it right, you'll be surprised at how much easier it is than you think. The first step is getting rid of unnecessary items. If you have a hoarding tendency, you may need to face that you don't use all those things. To get your space back, donate the supplies you're no longer using. For example, donate them to a local arts organization, like a school or an animal shelter.

Tip #2: Go For Vertical Storage Solutions

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There are many options if you're looking for the best vertical storage solutions for your items. Some of the best options are shelves, pegboards, and over-the-door organizers. While these options can provide great organization for your supplies, you'll want to keep in mind the safety of your items.

Ensure that the shelves are sturdy and that the distance between them is not too vast. You don't want to risk your shelf bending or bowing under the weight of your supplies. Choose 3/4-inch plywood or other material that won't bend to avoid this problem. If your shelf is too narrow, consider laminating two or three frames.

Tip #3: Build a Craft Station

When you have an art station at home, you must have a proper way to store all of the art materials you use. You may want to use different containers for different supplies and put them on other shelves. It would help if you also considered storing these materials in a back stock bin. This will help you hold the items you rarely use and allow you to replenish them with ease. It will also be easier for you to keep the supplies organized and in order by separating them by category.

Tip #4: All-In Storage

If you're looking for an effective way to store all of your supplies, the most affordable option is to purchase an all-in-one storage system. Art supply organizers are available in various styles and materials and can be used to house any of your supplies. They can be placed on any flat surface and make finding what you need a lot easier. Many of these units come with a handy divider rack for easy organization. They also have removable lids, which can be easily wiped clean, which is excellent for reusing old art materials.

Tip #5: Color-Coordinated Storage

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If you have lots of random materials, you're probably wondering how to store them. There are many space-saving solutions. To keep your supplies in order, make sure you sort them by colour. If you use different types of paper, keep them separated by colour. Don't just spread them out in individual stacks. Look for innovative ways to organize your supplies. You can try the following tips for storage.

For artists with a plethora of materials, finding efficient storage solutions is crucial. Sorting materials by colour, such as different types of paper or acrylic paints, can make it easier to find what you need when creating artwork. However, simply stacking supplies can lead to clutter and disorganization. To keep your space tidy, consider innovative storage ideas. For instance, stretched canvas can be stored on a DIY shelf or in a cabinet, while canvas boards can be stacked in a magazine holder. With a little creativity and effort, artists can create an organized and inspiring workspace.  By taking care of your art canvas and other supplies and utilizing innovative storage solutions, you can maintain an organized workspace and unleash your creativity to the fullest.

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