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 The human face is one of the most exciting subjects an artist can attack. People have been drawing and painting the human face for an overtime time. It seems portraiture noway gets old, despite being one of the most challenging orders to master. Why is drawing faces such a tricky subject? Unlike still life and geography oils, which can have slight variations and inaccuracies without affecting the final work, a portrayal must strictly portray the proportion, the nuances, and the features unique to the person sitting for the image to capture an accurate and credible likeness.

Learning how to draw a person takes practice, practice, and practice. The good news is that you'll see as you're drawing faces, they all contain the same crucial features – eyes, nose, mouth, cognizance – and once you learn to draw realistic bones, you'll be on your way to making the necessary adaptations that reflect your babysitter. 

Drawing tutorials that guide you step-by-step through the process of face delineation are some of the stylish ways to begin. However, before starting the sketch, you'll want to pick up some perfect art supplies in drawing a perfect face.

Step 1

You'll begin withdrawing the round shape of the face. Draw the woman's jaw. Sketch a perpendicular line down the middle. Place a vertical line through the center of the perpendicular line and draw the two new lines of equal distance, one above the centerline and the other below it. These three identical corridors indicate where the nose, eyebrows, and hair will go. Please make sure the lines are the same distance piecemeal because the proportion of the face depends on it.

Step 2

When drawing the face, the vertical lines also act as labels to tell you where to put the hairline, mouth, and cognizance. Start with the line at the top and sketch the hairline. Next, add a short line down the face, about a fourth of the way between the nethermost line and the chin. This is where you'll draw the mouth. Next, pull the cognizance sitting between the two lines in the center of the face. To illustrate the top of the observance, use the middle line where the loftiest point of the commemoration will be and use the coming most minor line as a companion to where the compliance will end. Draw the neck.

Step 3

It's time to add eyebrows, eyes, lips, and nose. But, first, draw the eyebrows above the alternate line. 

To illustrate the nose:

  1. Place the nostrils position with the bottom of the ear lobe.

  2. Mark the lips, using the short line as the space between the top and nethermost lip.

  3. Leave a small distance between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lip.

To draw the eyes:

  1. Place three lines across the centerline for the loftiest and tiniest points of the eye and the position of the inside corners of the eyes.
  2. Make sure the inside corners are vertical to the outside of each nostril.
  3. Place the end of the eye transversely across from the end of the eyebrow.
  4. Add the eyelid and pupil.

The pupil is generally at the center of the eye, but depending on the angle of the face, it may be in a position placed a little to the right or left.

Step 4

Once the facial features are in place, abolish all supporting lines. Make the portrayal more detailed by adding twisted lines inside the cognizance and defining the upper and lower eyelids, the pupils, the eyeballs. Add Murk to the lips and cognizance to give them volume. Next, draw in the philtrum, the small groove in between the bottom of the nose and the top of the mouth, by making vertical perpendicular lines the range of the septum (the partition separating the nostrils). Next, draw the collar of her shirt. For further description of her face, use an H pencil to add cheekbones smoothly.

Step 5

For a dramatic effect, use this fashion known as chiaroscuro to add a high discrepancy between your darkest and lightest areas. You can use the HB pencil and darken the pupil, leaving tiny white regions as highlights. Add Murk under the upper and lower eyelids. Use short pencil strokes to add a shadow under the eyebrows to give the face a more realistic shape. Please do the same with the lips, making the upper lip slightly darker while leaving a whiter space at the centers of each lip, which is generally where they catch the light. Add further shadowing under the lower lip, around and under the nostrils, and the chin on the neck. The shadow will be darker along the chin line and inside the collar.

Step 6

Make Murk indeed darker with the 4B pencil. This brings further discrepancy and emphasizes further details, especially around the neck and shirt collar. The way the light hits the hair creates the description in the beaches of hair. You can draw this and make the hair look realistic by using varying light and dark lines, leaving one section lighter to capture the look of fair shining on it. Next, add more delicate strokes and mix them in for the skin. This will give the hair volume, and it'll feel less flat. Finally, darken the eyelashes to give the woman a deeper, more thoughtful look.


You did it! You drew a realistic face. And, learning how to draw a look wasn't as hard as you allowed. With the abundance of practice and the proper inventories, you'll soon be stretching your creative bodies and drawing the face of all the people in your life. Check out further of our tutorials to help you draw, paint, and enjoy a different creative life.


How to draw a perfect face

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